Magnetex Tiles is all about open-ended play by building 3D shapes using imagination, creativity, and cognitive skills.

Our magnetic tiles encourage the development of spatial awareness, fine and gross motor skills, imagination, and hand-eye coordination.

Inspire your child to learn through play.

Let’s build a rocket for a mission to space, a castle fit for queens, a bridge to stand the test of time, or a sail boat to explore the farthest ends of the ocean.

Magnetex. Imagination Made Possible.


STEAM is an educational approach focusing on the five disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. It is never too early to introduce your child to the principles of STEAM.

The perfect balance between gravity, stability, and magnetic attraction.

How high can I go? How wide must it be?

Imagination Made Possible.

A rocket to explore the vastness of space, a dive boat equipped to explore the deepest of oceans.

What will we find? What will we learn?

Imagination Made Possible.

The next engineering marvel, a bridge to cross the daunting sea. Or what about a tower so high it can touch the clouds.

Everyone said it is impossible, I will figure out how!

Imagination Made Possible.

A rainbow of colours against the window, the sun casting its light to illuminate the wall.

A masterpiece.

I wonder what colour yellow goes when blended with blue? What about red and blue?

Imagination Made Possible.

Squares, rectangles, equilateral triangles, right angle triangles, isosceles triangles…

What are these shapes? How do they fit together? Let’s make new shapes!

Imagination Made Possible

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WOW – These Magnetex are the absolute best. My kids cant stop playing with them. Their creativity has suddenly come to life since playing with Magnetex Tiles. Very happy with our purchase.

Elfriede Coetzer

Best investment we’ve made for our children. They love every moment and cant wait to get home to build their next masterpiece. Money well spent. Highly recommend.

Chantell Maartens